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Speaking of Honor…

You should have seen our CEO appealing to the board of directors’ sense of honor.  It was like watching a violinist trying to saw down a tree: he had the right motion, he just was using the wrong tool.

Afterthought.  Alas, greed and fear of greedy shareholders can all too often blanket board members’ vision of pursuing the honorable course.  Thus the wise CEO is one who can lead her team along a profitable path to the most ethical decisions.

From Vine to Glass Touring the Fine Wines in New Jersey May 4th

Thursday eve, May 4, 6:30 at the Cranbury Library

From Vine to Glass  Touring the Fine Wines in New Jersey

As the sixth largest producer of wine in the United States, New Jersey boasts 55 commercial wineries and a growing number of wine-grape farms.  And in the Dionysian Society blind tasting pitting the best wines of France and California vs. New Jersey – guess who took top honors?   Wine author and hobby vintner Bart Jackson guides you around the Garden State’s wine offerings, explaining what grapes thrive in her four growing regions, and what winery events not to miss. (Opera & wine, anyone?) Bart also provides tips on selecting, tasting, and growing, as well as some of the best ways to launch your own wine trail explorations.  All is presented with good humor and touches of history…(Do you know how many wineries in Burlington county were closed at the outset of Prohibition?)  Come and discover the tasteful bounty growing all around us.

Bart Jackson, author of The Garden States Winery Guide, is a veteran advocate and explorer of New Jersey’s wine industry. Since 1995, he and his wife Lorraine have grown the grapes in their own hobby vineyard in Cranbury from which they joyfully press and produce their own Chateau Bonne Chance vintages.  Bart is CEO of Prometheus Publishing, hosts The Art of the CEO radio show, and is the founder of The Prometheus Social Enterprise Awards, bringing the most inventive social contributors to light. His other books range from Whitewater – Running the Wild Rivers of North America to the bestselling CEO of Yourself – Getting Down to the Business of Your More Rewarding Life.  As a globe-trotting journalist, Bart has carted his pen and curiosity and wine thirst through over 80 countries.  His most prized writings are the poems penned to his bride Lorraine, which are published on the north wall of their Cranbury home.

To learn more visit From Vine to Glass Touring the Fine Wines in New Jersey – The Art of the CEO Radio


Easter Joys

We are indeed children of the light.  When we first realize that the darkest day of late December’s winter solstice lies behind us, we celebrate this season of hope with Christmas, Saturnalia, and many other northern hemisphere rites.  Now, when that daylight comes literally into full flower, dazzling our eyes with daffodils, forsythia, and small buds of high promise, we emerge from hope into resurrected joys.  We celebrate Easter and the return of every new life under the sun.  Once again, we sense opportunity – visions of new plans, schemes, and creations blossom within our minds.  Now is the time to….(fill in your favorite venture here).

And humanity’s creative juices begin to flow.  Can’t you feel your fingers itching to build?  ‘Twas ever thus.  Back in the 12th century, the Catholic church mandated that all good Christians should give up eating eggs as part of their Lenten fasting.  The people agreed, but somehow the chickens didn’t get the memo and they kept laying those lovely fresh ovoids.  The farm folks, unwilling to let good eggs go to waste, began decorating them in wildly ornate colors.  We just cannot resist celebrating or setting idle hands to artistic pursuits.

So this Eastertide, when we celebrate the man taught us to rebuild our world into a kingdom of love, it is my hope that we may all catch that spirit.  To Hell with the Devil who smiles at every suicide, harbored hate, and maliciously pandered fear.  Who needs that paralysis?  We have dreams to construct and bring forth. Please accept my Easter wish that we all roll up our sleeves, join hands and see just what we can make together.

Wishing You Every Success,

Bart Jackson


Re-sculpting Your Career – Post-Covid Opportunities

Fortune now smiles on the energized employee willing to take his/her current skills and apply them in a new field. On Friday, February 24, 10 a.m. at the Princeton Public Library Bart Jackson will speak to the Professional Service Group of Mercer County. Admission is free, all are welcome – virtual attendance is also available: register on the PSG website www.psgofmercercounty.org.

Bart lays out a practical plan for searching out what businesses are seeking, how to navigate your professional switch, and how to negotiate your way into a more profitable career. In his words, “If you thought the business talent hunt was immense before Covid, wait until you see what’s waiting for you today.”

Best Revenge

I invested my life savings in a not-so-mutual fund that apparently bought my broker’s new home in Aruba.  He explained that this monetary shift was covered under the contract clause, “Individual results may vary.”


Afterthought.  The only just solution is for you to send tickets to your nagging mother-in-law, your out-of-work brother, and your dropout daughter and offer them free rooms in your new house.  If your broker wants to rob what is yours, insist he take the whole package.

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