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Celebrating Small Business Week – May 5 – 11

Your Temporarily Small Business and those 28 million other small U.S. businesses around you supply 120 million Americans with jobs.  That’s more than one third of our nation’s population.  You contribute $8.5 trillion to our nation’s $17 trillion GDP.  Oh, and by the way, 48.7 percent of all new businesses launched in the past decade were started by first generation immigrants.


  1. a) The 18,500 large companies with 500 or more employees make a marvelous competitive frosting on our economic cake. But they, and we, depend on the other 28 million firms to do the rising.
  2. b) The only place we want to be sending our immigrants is down avenues of further opportunity.


And as to wisdom?  Here are just a few of the insights that temporarily small business owners have passed our BartsBooks threshold in just the past two weeks:

– I cannot possibly pay my people what they’re worth, so I always make sure to pay them promptly.

– We glance occasionally at the prize, but most of our time is spent negotiating the ground beneath our feet.  That’s what will get you there.

– Marketing? We hit a heck of a lot fewer people, and gain a heck of a lot more sales by making personal phone calls to old clients and new ones.

– The key is not how much inventory – but which day – which hour you buy it that makes the profits.

– I cannot think of one job in this whole shop that each one of us does not put his hand to at some time or other.

Wishing the large and the small every success,

– Bart Jackson

Bart Jackson Speaks – Feb 15th Getting a Grip on Your Career – Wiser Choices

When: Friday, Feb. 15 – 9:45 a.m. – 12 p.m.                                                                                                       

Where: The Princeton Public Library, 65 Witherspoon St., Princeton NJ 08542

In truth, most folks hit what they aim at.  How do you lift your head out of that narrow rut that defines your career as a series of jobs and list of skills? What practical tactics will rip off the blinders, reveal opportunities, and set your precious energies on the road to fulfillment – and fun?  With great good humor, we will look at the examples of some amazing individuals, showing how their career choices (good & blunderful) made all the difference.  Then, we’ll attack your individual needs, and lay out some solid some solid strategies.  No slides – no PowerPoint – bring notebook.

To learn more about the Princeton Public Library visit:  https://www.psgofmercercounty.org/

Bart Jackson bio:

Bart Jackson serves as CEO of Prometheus Publishing & BartsBooks Ultimate Business Guides, and hosts The Art of the CEO radio show. He is the founder of Biz4NJ online business journal, The Accomplished Professionals Breakfast in Manhattan, and the International Prometheus Awards.  His books include CEO of Yourself, The Art of the CEO, Behind Every Successful Woman Is Herself, and So That’s How they Do it – Tactics of Business Masters.  Bart spent the previous decades as a globe-trotting journalist, carting his pen and curiosity through over 80 countries, drumming up about 150 new writing jobs every year. Bart’s most prized writings are the poems penned to his wife Lorraine, which are published on the north wall of his home in Cranbury, NJ.