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Hieronymus Bosch

'Concert in the Egg' painting by Hieronymus Bosc'

Is it a compliment to call Bart Jackson
“The Hieronymus Bosch of Writing – Radio – The Podium – and Business?”

The 15th century painter Hieronymus Bosch portrayed the usual world in a most revealing and unusual way. He had a knack for bringing the inner meaning to the outer surface and displaying it in bizarre and sometimes frightening ways. And every dab of Hieronymus’ brush was laid down with a wry sense of humor and fun.

And, of course, Bosch was a master, ever laboring to enhance the subtle techniques of his craft. In fact, had he not been so good at what he did, they probably would have burned Hieronymus at the stake. While the rest of renaissance artists were grinding out weepy and adulating depictions of various biblical scenes, Bosch was painting pompous prelates with ravenous beaks being devoured by even more ravenous hellions. Shocking! But delightful.

For Hieronymus, truth bubbles to the surface from that deft concoction of artistry and humor. And it is that blend Bart Jackson has applied to:

His Quips:

“Marketing is the art of pinning pears on an apple tree and selling them as exotic.”

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His Books:

Cover image of 'Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself'

Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself“Companies, like children, grow in a series of uneven, unsettling spurts. Parents, at least, may take comfort that no matter how ungainly or radical the current stage, their child is roughly keeping pace with her fellows, and remaining, of course, well above average. Companies, alas hold no such reassurance….”

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His The Art of the CEO radio show:

“…and we are magically streaming to you through the profoundly misunderstood realms of cyberspace….where our guests realize there is a fine line between self-promotion and arrogance, and have erased it…”

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