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Easter Joys

We are indeed children of the light.  When we first realize that the darkest day of late December’s winter solstice lies behind us, we celebrate this season of hope with Christmas, Saturnalia, and many other northern hemisphere rites.  Now, when that daylight comes literally into full flower, dazzling our eyes with daffodils, forsythia, and small buds of high promise, we emerge from hope into resurrected joys.  We celebrate Easter and the return of every new life under the sun.  Once again, we sense opportunity – visions of new plans, schemes, and creations blossom within our minds.  Now is the time to….(fill in your favorite venture here).

And humanity’s creative juices begin to flow.  Can’t you feel your fingers itching to build?  ‘Twas ever thus.  Back in the 12th century, the Catholic church mandated that all good Christians should give up eating eggs as part of their Lenten fasting.  The people agreed, but somehow the chickens didn’t get the memo and they kept laying those lovely fresh ovoids.  The farm folks, unwilling to let good eggs go to waste, began decorating them in wildly ornate colors.  We just cannot resist celebrating or setting idle hands to artistic pursuits.

So this Eastertide, when we celebrate the man taught us to rebuild our world into a kingdom of love, it is my hope that we may all catch that spirit.  To Hell with the Devil who smiles at every suicide, harbored hate, and maliciously pandered fear.  Who needs that paralysis?  We have dreams to construct and bring forth. Please accept my Easter wish that we all roll up our sleeves, join hands and see just what we can make together.

Wishing You Every Success,

Bart Jackson


This Glorious Easter Morn

I have risen with the sun and lifted my arms high in appreciative salute to Helios as he pushes through the clouds and over the trees.  Soon my bride and I will head off for Nassau Presbyterian Church, don our choir robes and I, with more gusto than talent, will bellow forth my favorite hymns, with such treasured lyrics as: “…bid the grim demonic chorus Christ is risen, Get you gone….”  Oh yeah.  Today the good guys are winning.

Sweet Spring has drawn our weary heads out of the winter of our discontent and her first teasing perfumes resurrect new hopes in all of us.  ‘Tis the season that has prodded poets’ pens throughout the ages.  (You will not be subjected to my Persephone’s Return poem conjured for my bride this morning.) But allow me, if you will, to pass on to you one fervent seasonal wish:  May you resurrect Hope within your own life.

There are indeed more people who want to help you than hurt you.  Our own culture bulges with public servants and private donors and good-hearted souls who are contributing to their planet and fellows.

Why not find and celebrate them?  Whether you join them or not remains, of course, your choice.  Yet, may you be aware of all the good that the fellows of your species are doing.  As always, there is great money and great sources of power to be had by stirring up our fears.  Those who lay out an array of threats are legion.  But in the end, despair is simply an inaccurate vision.  Hope has the majority on its side.

So as the season comes into full flower, may we all bid the grim, demonic chorus Hope is risen, get you gone.

Oh, and to my atheistic buddies who will doubtless greet me on this particular Easter with, “Christ is risen – April Fools!” I get the joke.

Wishing you every success,

 Bart Jackson


An Invitation to Walk

I would like to invite you this Friday, March 30th to take a walk – but not with me, and not with anyone else.  For many of the Christian faithful, today is Good Friday, a culmination of the Lenten season.  For us, these previous 40 days have served as a period of thoughtful reflection.   Time set aside to take stock: look at what we have done, discover what has driven us to do it, and decide which path in heaven’s name do we want to take now.

Four hundred years before the itinerant Galilean preacher Jesus took his path to Jerusalem, Socrates, another great and compassionate thinker also facing death for his disruptive ideas, stated, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”   It is with that goal of reflective self-scrutiny that I invite you to set aside some time and take this very vital walk with the most important person on your life – yourself.  Leaving devices, notebook, and pressing responsibilities behind, why not walk a little deeper into your life.  With the innocence of you the child, and the accrued wisdom of you the sage make that solitary stroll.

Spring everywhere makes hints of new hope and high promise.  Signs of new life emerge all around us.  Might this not be time to resurrect some old dreams, fashion some new ones, and plan for more fulfilling days ahead?

Wishing you every success, Bart Jackson