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Podcast – Making Your Adequate Presentations Powerful

Isn’t about time people started listening to you?  Time you got the influence you deserve and the reactions you require? Presentation coach to President Carter’s cabinet and major C-suiters, Ms. Stephanie Scotti lays out an incisive, masterful strategy that will have you taking command of the podium and speaking effectively.  

For the last 24 years Stephanie’s Professionally Speaking firm has provided individual and team mentoring for individuals facing the often fearful challenge of presenting their ideas in all business situations.  You can catch the Scotti method by reading Stephanie’s recently published Talk on Water – Attaining the Mindset for Powerhouse Presentations– or you may tune in and listen to Coach Scotti dissect the verbal ramblings of host Bart Jackson, as he delivers them right on the air.  If Stephanie can repair this host, there is great hope for you, my friend. 


Nomination Call for Prometheus Awards

The Prometheus Awards recognize those exceptional individuals who by their personal example and their inventive enterprises enrich the human community and shed light into our world.

Right now Prometheus publishing is conducting a call for Nominations – so if you know an

individual – an idealist who is putting his or her creative sweat and energy into a project that is enriching some corner of the human community, for-profit or non-profit we invite you to share their rays of hope and nominate them as candidate for a Prometheus Award.

You may  nominate a candidate by visiting https://bartsbooks.com/businessess-best/ and complete the short nomination form.  Or you may email info@bartsbooks.com sending your name and contact info, the candidate’s name and a brief description of their accomplishments.

For further details on the Awards ceremony,  what honorees receive etc. or to – or to nominate a candidate – we invite you to write to Info@bartsbooks.com

Prometheus was the ancient Greek Titan who defied the gods and brought to humankind the gift of fire.  From that light onward, there was no going back.



Selling – Who Wins – Who Loses – & Why

Listen in at: https://www.theartoftheceo.com/

Master salesperson Joe Kaplan is challenged with actual tough-selling situations and provides profitable answers that will work for you.

Joe Kaplan for 30 years has sold everything from breakfast cereal to exotic financial instruments with astounding success.  What’s more, Joe knows <em>why </em>he’s a master salesperson and what profitable selling really demands.  And now, so will you.  Host Bart Jackson challenges Kaplan with a series of real sales situations for which Joe will provide practical solutions and wise counsel.  Kaplan was the expert Nabisco turned to when they needed to display their new products onto competitive shelves; that Post Foods brought on to handle its merchandising and sales operations; and that Western Union hired to develop innovational promo programs.  He has designed sales teams and designed strategies for countless firms.   Every person of business must be able to sell. Tune in and better your own skills with aid from the master.

U.S. Worker Safety: Death by Compliance

Thirteen American working people are dying every single day on the job.  And internationally renowned occupational safety expert Phil La Duke is mad as hell about it. Host Bart Jackson unleashes the fireball La Duke who slams the blame squarely on lax and hidebound safety inspections, criminally negligent managers, and a deliberate disregard of working conditions by the business community at large.  In his An Iconoclasts View of Workers’ Safetyand other writings, La Duke shows how concern for workplace safety has become the bleeding stepchild we ignore and place behind a wall of compliance regulations.  But more than pouring out a gravy boat of venom and blame, La Duke lays out the practical steps and attitude adjustments that will halt these nearly 5,000 workplace deaths per year.  Tune in and learn how to cultivate a better conscience, and profitably free up your workplace from fear.    https://www.theartoftheceo.com/