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The Worth of Wealth – The more money you make, the more people are inclined to believe you deserve it.

Afterthought: No one quite believes that their own salary aptly reflects their own personal wroth, but that doesn’t stop us from slathering envious admiration on those pulling down a lot more bucks than ourselves.


Prometheus Social Enterprise Awards 2021 A Call for Nominations

The Prometheus Social Enterprise Awards recognizes those exceptional individuals who by their personal example and their inventive enterprises enrich the human community and shed light into our world.

Do you know an unsung, modern-day Promethean who is putting his or her creative sweat and energy behind a beneficial undertaking and deserves to be held up to light?

Send their nomination to info@bartsbooks.com or complete the contact form on Prometheus Social Enterprise Awards – BartsBooks where you can learn more about our previous award winners.

The Awards are sponsored by Prometheus Publishing in coordination with the Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Podcast – Making Your Adequate Presentations Powerful

Isn’t about time people started listening to you?  Time you got the influence you deserve and the reactions you require? Presentation coach to President Carter’s cabinet and major C-suiters, Ms. Stephanie Scotti lays out an incisive, masterful strategy that will have you taking command of the podium and speaking effectively.  

For the last 24 years Stephanie’s Professionally Speaking firm has provided individual and team mentoring for individuals facing the often fearful challenge of presenting their ideas in all business situations.  You can catch the Scotti method by reading Stephanie’s recently published Talk on Water – Attaining the Mindset for Powerhouse Presentations– or you may tune in and listen to Coach Scotti dissect the verbal ramblings of host Bart Jackson, as he delivers them right on the air.  If Stephanie can repair this host, there is great hope for you, my friend.