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Tired of Politics?

Don’t Vote – That’ll Show ‘em

When Thomas Jefferson said, “I fear the citizens of this land have no idea of the power they possess,” he might well have been targeting the lackadaisical citizenry of the Garden State. Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 6, the people of New Jersey are called to the polls to vote in the primary for their governor. A turnout of between nine and 14 percent of the eligible voters is expected.

New Jerseyans, like most Americans, appear tired, and very, very sick of politics as it is being handled by the current crop of politicians. New Jersey’s waning Governor holds a historically low approval rating, scraping the single digits. Nationally, more than two-thirds of the nation disapprove of the President’s job, while Congress labors diligently to prove itself bought, paid for, and unaffected by the public will.

So is this the time for the American voter to rollover and play dead?
If you would like to absolutely guarantee more of the kind of politicized governance we now are experiencing – stay home tomorrow. Send a message to those in power that you truly do not give a damn what they do. Show them that you are, as one party refers to the public, just “Joe Six-pack,” and you prefer to be led by whichever sloganeer grabs your nose ring. Get bored and you will truly achieve the kind of government you deserve.

New Jersey has four major and several smaller party candidates running for Governor. All of them have labored hard to inform you what they believe, and to win your vote. One of them even has invested $16 million of his personal funds to tell the public his plans for governing the state. Each candidate is worthy of your consideration.

We stand on the verge of getting the government we desire. So I beg you remember Mr. Jefferson’s words: Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people are its only safe depositories.

Wishing You Every Success,
– Bart Jackson