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Challenging C-suiters to Summit New & Loftier Peaks – Literally


Expedition leader Julie Lewis guides biz folks up to Himalayan Mounts across vast polar snows, into inner strengths, greater resiliency, and exhilarating adventures.

What can climbing a Himalayan mountain teach you about yourself?  What can exploring the vast polar snows or remote jungles teach you about leading your business team?  Worldwide adventurer and expedition organizer, Ms. Julie Lewis takes leaders of self and corporations to those wild lands where exhilaration and self-discovery go hand in hand.  Founder of MountainHighMe, Julie joins host Bart Jackson to discuss their own treks from Tibet to Tierra del Fuego, and exactly what new resources people learn to draw upon when they rise from the swivel chair and venture into the unknown corners of God’s Eden.  As an added bonus, Julie, a certified resilience specialist will offer listeners the opportunity of testing, measuring, and growing their own personal resiliency. Want the ultimate business or personal retreat?

NACD Meeting

The drone that soars just outside is piloted by a flick of Bart’s wrist (see the “guidance sleeve).  Today, as guest of Bill Kraut, I joined the National Association of Corporate Directors NJ chapter meeting at Nokia Bell Labs where we got a tantalizing forecast for the future of A.I. from the from a panel of the top innovators in the field.  All this followed by an even more fun (if unsettling) trip into the future lab for a sweet taste of drones and robots and all the toys that are already reshaping our lives…. best line of the evening:  No matter what we create, there is a vast inseparable difference between intelligence and unique, raw human thinking. – JT Kostman

World Economic Forum: Our Globe’s Fiscal Booms & Busts

World Economic Forum former Board member Alfred Berkeley tells how the world’s leaders are forging practical agendas for the people & planet.

                Listen in at:  https://www.theartoftheceo.com/

The World Economic Forum is arguably our best hope for a sustainable future.  Established in 1971, this global organization for public and private cooperation gathers the world’s foremost leaders in industry, business, academics, the political realm, and the arts to sustain and improve life on our planet.  They hammer out and set new agendas for sustainable resource distribution, climate change devastation, investment security, technology management, and all major global challenges.   Host Bart Jackson invites former Forum Board member Alfred Berkeley to guide us through the practical solutions the world’s elite minds are putting into practice. Tune in and learn the benefits of human ingenuity and creative sweat in forging our more livable world.

Ethical Adventures – Crocs, Pythons & Saving the Planet

Rob Woods’ Ethical Adventures intimate ecotours show you the grandeur of Australia’s Northern Territory & how to save it.

What happens when you blend your own business with your personal mission?  Rob Woods, founder of Ethical Adventures, guides intimately small groups deep into Australia’s remote Northern Territories in a way that brings a whole new perspective to our human role as stewards of the land.  Host Bart Jackson invites Rob Woods from way down under to explain why Ethical Adventures has been voted “unarguably the best tour experience in the Northern Territory” – what we need to learn from 60,000 years of Aboriginal history – and how we may best preserve this mysterious land.  Tune in and learn how exciting fun and profit dwell amiably with Jaburu, crocs, and wallabies.

Listen in at:  https://www.theartoftheceo.com/

Impossible People – How to Fix ‘em or Nix ‘em

      Listen in at:  https://www.theartoftheceo.com/

From the team torpedoer to the power-currying backstabber, experts tell how to handle your workplace’s toxic types.

They are in your face all the time: those poisonous personalities who torpedo the team, undermine your achievement, and take the fun & profit out of your workday.   How do you handle or just plain squash these toxic folks?  Host Bart Jackson and a select team of consulting experts bring back a fresh crop of challenges and solutions in this year’s Impossible People show.  Tune in, laugh, and learn the clever ploys for foiling The Artful Opposer, The Mood-swinging Boss, The Bean-counting, Bottom-liner, and other thorns on the wrong side of progress.