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Challenging C-suiters to Summit New & Loftier Peaks – Literally


Expedition leader Julie Lewis guides biz folks up to Himalayan Mounts across vast polar snows, into inner strengths, greater resiliency, and exhilarating adventures.

What can climbing a Himalayan mountain teach you about yourself?  What can exploring the vast polar snows or remote jungles teach you about leading your business team?  Worldwide adventurer and expedition organizer, Ms. Julie Lewis takes leaders of self and corporations to those wild lands where exhilaration and self-discovery go hand in hand.  Founder of MountainHighMe, Julie joins host Bart Jackson to discuss their own treks from Tibet to Tierra del Fuego, and exactly what new resources people learn to draw upon when they rise from the swivel chair and venture into the unknown corners of God’s Eden.  As an added bonus, Julie, a certified resilience specialist will offer listeners the opportunity of testing, measuring, and growing their own personal resiliency. Want the ultimate business or personal retreat?