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Ethical Adventures – Crocs, Pythons & Saving the Planet

Rob Woods’ Ethical Adventures intimate ecotours show you the grandeur of Australia’s Northern Territory & how to save it.

What happens when you blend your own business with your personal mission?  Rob Woods, founder of Ethical Adventures, guides intimately small groups deep into Australia’s remote Northern Territories in a way that brings a whole new perspective to our human role as stewards of the land.  Host Bart Jackson invites Rob Woods from way down under to explain why Ethical Adventures has been voted “unarguably the best tour experience in the Northern Territory” – what we need to learn from 60,000 years of Aboriginal history – and how we may best preserve this mysterious land.  Tune in and learn how exciting fun and profit dwell amiably with Jaburu, crocs, and wallabies.

Listen in at:  https://www.theartoftheceo.com/