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Making 2018 Much Better with my New Year’s Resolutions

Enliven your Self – your Career – and your Business (& have more fun.)

Yes, you are already a marvelous person.  And with that wisdom you carry comes the knowledge that within your grasp is the power to make your self – your career – and your business even better.   Thus, in the spirit of growth and carving out new opportunities, host Bart Jackson offers his 2018 New Years Resolutions list guaranteed to launch you into the coming year in a greater state of readiness.  Tune in and take to heart some simple attitudes and disciplines that will bring you a lot more fun and make “Luck” find its way more frequently to your doorstep.

‘Tis the Season of Hope

We thank you for the opportunity of sharing your wisdom and insights with others this past year.

And may we again with youthful innocence embrace the joy and wonder that awaits us all this Yuletide and through all the days to come,

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday,
and a Prosperous  New Year

 The Team of Prometheus Publishing and The Art of The CEO Radio