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What I Really Meant to Say…Organizing Your Talks

Presentation Coach to Fortune 100 C-suiters, Stephanie Scotti shares techniques employed by the most powerful speakers to organize their thoughts & words into a powerful message.


No clear, inspiring message ever comes out of a disorganized presentation.  All audiences instinctively look for a speaker’s train of thought – that logical pathway leading to the ah-ha moment of the comprehensible conclusion.  Yet it is in the organization that so many presenters fall down, leaving listeners lost in a muddle of details.  To help you keep your presentations on track, host Bart Jackson brings on board Stephanie Scotti, CEO of Professionally Speaking, coach to scores of Fortune 100 C-suiters, and author of Talk on Water – Attaining the Mindset for Powerhouse Presentations.

Stephanie guides you through the crafting of a talk that captures listeners’ attention and crescendos to a message that moves people to action.  She shares techniques that funnel in details as amplifiers, rather than distractions.  Tune in and learn the secret to the simple brilliance that makes so many TedTalks hit home.