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The IT Tools You Need vs. The Ones You Have

Info-Tech master Darek Hahn give straight talk on the newest tech tools – what you can use profitably, how to best employ it, and what trendy items to avoid.

Are you giving yourself and staff the best technology for top production?  Is there a better system for communicating within the office – with our customers – from department to department?  Host Bart Jackson joins with information technology master Darek Hahn, CEO of VelocIT for some straight talk about better ways to blend your business processes with the latest online tools. Too often systems development is handled by businesspeople talking to tech wizards, each in an entirely different language.  Hahn a veteran of both worlds bridges this gap between need and capability.  Tune in and learn how to integrate the vital knowledge within your company.

Listen in at:  https://www.theartoftheceo.com/