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Meet Trudy Borenstein-Sugiura, The Artistic Soul, Fine Gems & The Wolf at the Door

Trudy Borenstein-Suguira, top jewelry custom designer/creator for Cartier’s most discerning clients tells how to effectively finance the artistic soul and how to thrive by inventing new media & forms.

The art world stands as living proof that pure talent will not always carry you to the higher strata of the financial heap – or even assure your fiscal survival.  Host Bart Jackson invites on board Ms. Trudy Borenstein-Suguira, multi-talented, multi-media, and markedly successful artist who has survived and flourished in a variety of artistic endeavors.  After paying her dues as starving art student, cum freelance artist, Trudy rose to become custom designer/creator of jewelry for the most discerning clients of Cartier and David Yurman.  Her pieces are even showcased in the Smithsonian. Then, from that pinnacle, she opened her own enterprise and in addition to jewelry launched into an astoundingly original and mode of collage portraiture that has her made sought after and brought in a growing stream of commissions.   Tune in and learn how today’s flexibly talented artist may sculpt a career that feeds both body and soul – while bringing enrichment to us all.   https://www.theartoftheceo.com/episodes/the-artistic-soul-fine-gems-the-wolf-at-the-door/