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Meet Mel Duncan, The Dawn of Hope: Peace Forces Unite Worldwide

Nonviolent Peaceforce founder Mel Duncan reveals why global unarmed peacekeeping groups are on the rise – and why their tactics work against heavily armed opponents.

First the good news: The Nonviolent Peaceforce for 18 years has successfully protected civilians in conflict zones by sending unarmed peace keepers to square off against heavily armed opponents.  Now the better news: increasingly they are gathering allies in every corner of the globe.  Host Bart Jackson invites Nonviolent Peaceforce founder Mel Duncan to describe the many newly burgeoning organizations that are responding to violent conflict  with unarmed strategies.  Mel examines the reason for these new groups coming into existence, their achievements, and the why their specific tactics are so effective.  Further, Mel talks about his Unarmed Civilian Good Practices Project and the collaborative conventions of global peacekeepers.  Tune in and discover the forces that are positively halting destructive violence.