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Fight the Fear: Coronavirus Strait Talk

Forget the media panic, forget governments’ statistical forecasting, If you want to make understandable sense of this Coronavirus visit: https://worldcares.org/ and click on “Coronavirus FAQs.”

Lisa Orloff and her World Cares team have been handling disaster relief for 20 years.  Hard-headed, experienced, knowledgeable an entirely without bias, Lisa lays out the facts about the what the virus is, where it comes from, what you should be doing to protect yourself, and what avenues of fear you need not go down.

Lisa is a recipient of the 2019 Prometheus Social Enterprise Award, to learn more about her and World Cares, visit https://bartsbooks.com/ – “Prometheus Awards.”

And on a personal note, I beg you not to fall prey to the plague of grim seriousness that seems to accompany this situation.  The benefits of scowling seriousness, like old Scotch, are highly overrated, but the curative value of sharing a smile and some laughter are beyond estimation.