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Selling – Who Wins – Who Loses – & Why

Listen in at: https://www.theartoftheceo.com/

Master salesperson Joe Kaplan is challenged with actual tough-selling situations and provides profitable answers that will work for you.

Joe Kaplan for 30 years has sold everything from breakfast cereal to exotic financial instruments with astounding success.  What’s more, Joe knows <em>why </em>he’s a master salesperson and what profitable selling really demands.  And now, so will you.  Host Bart Jackson challenges Kaplan with a series of real sales situations for which Joe will provide practical solutions and wise counsel.  Kaplan was the expert Nabisco turned to when they needed to display their new products onto competitive shelves; that Post Foods brought on to handle its merchandising and sales operations; and that Western Union hired to develop innovational promo programs.  He has designed sales teams and designed strategies for countless firms.   Every person of business must be able to sell. Tune in and better your own skills with aid from the master.