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Storms – When the Lights Go Out: A Morality Tale from the Dark Side

Lightning is as whimsical as Fate, and can be as destructive as Congress. Last Wednesday eve, amidst the hurl of the storm, the wincing crack of thunder and explosive glare of lightning came simultaneously, targeting the transformer on the pole not too many feet from my front door. All those blinking reminders of electricity’s luxurious necessities fled into the night. And the landline phones with them.

Bart publishes in US1 his tale of loss of electricity –  https://princetoninfo.com/when-the-lights-go-out-a-morality-tale-from-the-dark-side/

Amid all our brief electrus-interruptus, we received a cell phone call from our utility provider.

“Oh dear,” the customer service agent inquired, “are you still with out power?”

“No Ma’am,” I replied. “We are never without power. We just don’t have any electricity.”