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Podcast – The Future of Feeding our Planet – the AeroFarms Solution

It’s not just for marijuana any more.  AeroFarms has put the scientific concepts of aeroponic farming on steroids and today is producing tons of its Dream Greens – non-pesticided, wholly organic leafy vegetables that scale easily into urban centers.  Host Bart Jackson invites AeroFarms cofounder Mark Oshima to tour us through his headquarters farm located in a resurrected factory in central Newark New Jersey.  Marc explains the science that allows a 350-times-per-acre yield of his crops, and the benefit of placing the greatest nutrition right amongst the greatest density of consumers. Marc also details how AeroFarms is able to compete with the food giants; how he has turned the aeroponic gospel into a wildly successful community outreach; and why this farming revolution may be a major key to feeding our planet.  Tune in and learn why the most popular gang to join in Newark is the aeroponic farmers group.

The Future of Feeding our Planet – the AeroFarms Solution