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Judging Beer, Wine, Spirits – Who? How? & How Profitable?

Beverage Testing Institute CEO Jerald O’ Kennard tells how drinks get competitively rated, who benefits, & the profits of the good life.

Jerald O’ Kennard holds what many would call thedream job in the dream company.  He and his firm, The Beverage Testing Institute, make a very tidy living sampling and competitively rating hundreds of the best wines, beers, and hard liquors from across the globe.  Their clients send their latest vintages, praying for a high quality score and counting on the wise counsel offered by the BTI to help them improve and better sell their product.  Host Bart Jackson sits and sips with Jerald as they discuss the latest trends in wines et al; why Scotch is making a comeback; exactly how drinks get scored; and the real value of this information to both public and manufacturer.  Also, for your own entrepreneurial edification, tune in and learn exactly how this system of comparative, critical marketing works, and how you might apply it to your own industry.  Listen in: https://www.theartoftheceo.com/