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Association for Corporate Growth Innovation Awards

On May 3, the ACG New Jersey Chapter held its annual conference and awards ceremony honoring the state’s leaders in innovation and excellence.   At the panel four honorees shared their insights:

From left

Laurel Whitney, CEO & Founder PUSH Beverages

“Innovation is a lot easier when it flows from the clients up.”


David Barnett, Chairman Corsis, which guides technology investors using its own TechIndicator software.

“The more we innovate, the more we can free up our clients’ resources – and that’s how we build our base and credibility.”


Paul Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Int’l Acrow Corporation of America.

“We look to hire people who are knowledgeable, of course, but who also have that gleam of intellectual curiosity in their makeup.”


Dr. Michael Zedalis, President & COO, Tingley Rubber Corporation

“We make a basic product: rubber suits and rubber boots.  But we set a vision to make 20 percent of our revenue from new products; and that vision sparks many small…a whole river of improvements along the way.”