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Time to Rethatch Our Teahouse

Twenty some years ago my wife Lorraine awoke and assured me that I was craving to build an authentic Japanese Teahouse in our back meadow.  So I did – and the original thatch has lasted a quarter century.  These pictures show the new bundles of thatch I scythed down, hauled up, and tied down onto the roof, with a lot of help from my buddy – Thanks Marvin.  Everyone should have a retreat, be it for solitude and/or contemplation with a few close friends.


Grasping for Gold

I see more Goldfinches up here in Massachusetts than down south in NewJersey where Goldfinch is the state bird.   When I ask my liberal friends, they say it’s a sign of global warming.  But my conservative friends say it’s definitely due to the more wasteful expenditures of high quality bird seed employed in the democratic liberals up on the shores of Cape Cod.  Well, at least the birds can take wing and rise above politics.

Memorial Day 2020


This Memorial Day…

War is a tragedy that no flag can disguise.  If there is any glory to be found in armed conflict, we must turn to those individuals whose high intentions and courageous devotion carry them onto the field to willingly put themselves in harm’s way.  For these individual soldiers, the very words “defend to the death” transform from mere rallying cry, to a deep personal, principled belief.  And for each soldier who served, fought, and gave her/his last full measure, it was a matter of choice – a choice that sprung from deep conviction.

Whatever the actual agendas of leaders who instigated the conflict, whatever the rationale proclaimed by those urging the call to arms, each soldier sets aside his own needs and answers his own call to battle for that better world he envisions.  This heroic decision, made once and carried into every day of combat, is where the glory lies.   People who step up, opt for the better world and act are those on whom we should – and must – confer our admiration.  And whether that decision is born in war or in any times of human trial, we need to celebrate and remember those who made that choice.  We need to hoist our children on our shoulders. Point them out as they pass by, and make sure that they hold in memory those best of us who were and are willing to defend us to the death.  These are the role models called for and we need them now.

Wishing you every success,

– Bart Jackson