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In The Words of My Wife’s Husband

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            In The Words of My Wife’s Husband book cover

            As You Well Know,

            There are enough laughably lunatic practices

            In the world of business to fill a book…

            So We Did!

            Buy from Amazon

            This book is available signed by the author, or unsigned for the same price. Write us at info@bartsbooks.com

            This is your Complete Sourcebook of Business Humor for:

            • Clever Zingers, Quips, Wise Afterthoughts, Dialogues, & Razor-edged Rants all arranged by topic. (from financial foolishment to frustrating tech and CEOs)
            • Curmudgeopedia – A Devilishly Satiric Dictionary of Business Jargon.
            • Business Quotes – Ah-ha and Ha-ha wise bits from leaders ‘round the globe.
            • Along with a whole lot of just plain fun to share with friends. The resource for sparking up your next presentation and your guide to viewing business in a jocular vein.
            • What’s the Use? Author Bart Jackson’s essay “In Praise of Folly” offers a revealing look at the true value of humor in our working lives.



            “Bart is the purveyor of some pretty damn clever comedy stylings…you’ll have a much funnier opening for your formerly droll speech by using this incredibly light-hearted, joke packed volume.”
            – Comedian Eddie Brill

            Wisdom disguised with humor…Bart uniquely elucidates another dimension of truth…read it in small chunks and savor each chapter like your favorite wine!
            – Dr. George Watts, business psychologist Chairman

            Every speaker planning to make a presentation should have a copy of this book at his side because it will add value to the value of his talk.
            – Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert

            Humor focusing on serious has, over the centuries, helped mankind retain some level of mental health. In this book, I believe Bart Jackson has cheerfully pushed this concept forward relative to our adventures of business today. …I recommend you read it and get copies for several of your business colleagues with whom you can then chuckle about your own shared business war-stories.”
            – Val Mathews, Solutions Architect for IBM

            At last, here is your complete sourcebook of business humor. Here’s your chance to dip in, seize a fistful of wry wit, and pass it along to your fellow chaingangers at work. Bart Jackson believes that the greatest wisdom flies in on the wings of laughter, and for the last decade he’s become known as the man who portrays business in the jocular vein. Bart’s Business Quips books have provided professionals with barrelsful of quotable zingers to spice up their workdays and their presentations.

            As host of The Art of the CEO radio show, Bart has been joyously jesting at the lunacies, piercing the pomposities, and celebrating those clever, inventive folks who make up the business community. This volume culls and combines the very best and funniest of his quips, jovial repartee with radio guests, and those sardonic, final takeaway Parting Shots which Bart always launches with, “In the Words of My Wife’s Husband….” May you read, laugh, share, and grow nearly wise. P.S. Don’t miss Bart’s Curmudgeonopedia with its devilish definitions of business jargon.