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CEO of Yourself, Second Edition

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Getting down to the business of your more rewarding life.

CEO of Yourself helps you discover your many marvelous assets and employ them toward the goals that bring you a sense of mastery, and a lot more fun. Using the model of Chief Executing Officer, these pages forge your own character and sculpt yourself into the effective person you want to be. Armed with all those proven elements – Character, Principles, Endurance, and Unbridled Enthusiasm – you’ll roll up your sleeves, blow away the fog of distraction and launch the Enterprise of You on a joyful

path. Never has the journey toward self-mastery been laid out more precisely and practically with a humorous wit that will keep you smiling all the way to success. So when you decide it’s high time to begin making your own choices, grab this guide.

New in this edition:

  • My Thoughts pages – with a series of thought-prompting questions and space for your own replies.
  • One Final Adventure – The Entrepreneurial Employee. The art of carrying the Enterprise of You into your current workplace, for challenge & profit.
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A few of the discoveries awaiting you in CEO of Yourself:


– Why you are the expert on what you want out of your life – and the best candidate for Chief Executive Officer of the ventures you decide upon. 

– How many surprisingly beneficial assets you already possess. 

–  A new sense of vision that fills your day with choices, rather than obligations. 

– Why all those “Authorities” are merely beggars desperately competing for your allegiance, vote, cash and soul, – and how to set them working for you. 

– A new strength allowing you to cut the strings and laugh at those fools who pretend to be your puppeteer.

– The value that comes with hammering out your own personal principles. 

– The art of unleashing your magnificently powerful emotions. (Not harnessing, governing, or curbing them to appease others.)  

– The art of profitably enlisting the aid of others on the new adventures of your chosen journey. 

– Where all the fun is.

What people are saying about CEO of Yourself 

Bart Jackson brilliantly and instructively combines these two concepts of

self-reliance and no-one-else-to-blame to help us identify and make good

choices in our own lives and careers. As he says, “The choice, my friend, is

truly yours”.

– Hunter Hastings, CEO, Economics for Business 

This book helped me in my adult years to understand I am my own man – and my own brand, and that I first must understand me. This is a page-turner and a vital guide for the young and old. I’m so glad I found it!

– Bruce Boyd, Founding CEO, Building Our Youth Development

Thoroughly enjoyable and instructive, this book has helped me already in my

quest to plan the remaining years of my career and future retired life.

With wonderful tidbits and sayings, the author takes you inside your soul and brings you out encouraged and ready to be your best self. Thanks Bart, I needed this.

– Mark Reisman, Senior Consultant, Merrill Lynch

Bart Jackson scrapes the barnacles of habit away. He urges us to develop a

win-win relationship with ourselves. It is a refreshing, energizing way to look

at yourself and your most precious resource, your time. It is humbling and


– Alfred R. Berkeley, Director, World Economic Forum, USA

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“Thoroughly enjoyable and instructive, this book has helped me already in my quest to plan the remaining years of my career and future retired life. Filled with practical and engaging ideas, Bart leads the reader through self-assessment to recognition of their innate capabilities and talents. Then he provides encouragement and challenges (“broccoli moments”) to take one to task in the cause of self-betterment. With wonderful tidbits and sayings, he takes you inside your soul and brings you out encouraged and ready to be your best self. Thanks Bart, I needed this.” — Mark Reisman, Senior Consultant

“If only those mythical heroes had prepared for their life’s “Journey” by reading Bart Jackson’s “CEO of Yourself”, they would have easily overcome their existential challenges, been guided to their treasure with the precision of a GPS and enjoyed the journey with the entertaining wit and stories of a Hero that has been there and back. – William Golden

You as Chief Executive Officer

Well, who is planning your life thus far? Your spouse? Friends? Governors of your workplace or nation? Fate? God? Some entrenched creed? Or perhaps, yourself? Most of us don’t make the choices that would deliver that richer life into our hands, simply because we don’t know the choices exist – or we don’t realize they are ours to make. So what’s on your wish list?….

Your Marvelous Self

If you do not find yourself to be absolutely marvelous, you just are not looking hard enough. Or you are not looking in the right rooms of your house. Or perhaps your vision is darkened by the shadow of others…..

Beggars at Your Door

By the thousands they come: institutions, religions, causes, workplaces, individuals, governments, advertisers, candidates. Each one reaches out, grasping for some piece of your precious self. They unleash an avalanche of solicitation urging the surrender of your body, cash, time, belief, vote, and even your devotion. As CEO, you see them for what they are: The Competition…..

Broccoli Moments

Being chief executive officer of yourself demands heavy doses of hard thinking and unexciting tasks with uncertain outcomes. We call these broccoli moments – things that are very nourishing and very good for you, even if they are not terribly yummy….‘Tis broccoli moments that prepare for glory….

CEO Attitude Adjustments

What is so sensitive about pay? Very few people believe that their compensation accurately reflects their contribution at work. Yet people who happily share the full-color, close-up video of their latest child emerging from the womb would be offended if you asked how much money they make a year….like some dirty little fantasy that would cause death by embarrassment if publically disclosed.

Forging Your Own Principles

Life is messy. Life happens fast. As CEO of Yourself, you need a foundation for rapid response that still allows you to seize the results that fulfill your goals. Enter Principles…All principles must be forged by You, with the primary purpose of benefiting You. This is a matter of efficiency, not morality. Believing in an ideal because Dad, Christ, or your commander-in-chief, tells you so is a poor reason…

Your Product: Your Self

The self you want to be and the best possible life you construct, together become your product. Self and life get built from one process.

Got Ambition?

Ambition is a dream with a V-8 engine, quoth Elvis Presley….Oh, one final note about displaying your eagerness to gobble up life and career goals: there is nothing more ugly than naked ambition. No one wants to behold your private, greedy needs exposed. So it is best to cloak it in a love of hard work…..

And As CEO of Your Marvelous Self:

You will lay bare a strength that’s lain dormant too long….You will observe creeping into your worldview, as Mark Twain so eloquently put it, the calm confidence of a Christian with four aces. And that self-mastery will bring a justified smile to your lips.