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“I adore hosting The Art of the CEO radio show.  It allows me the privilege of sharing all the fun and fascinating stories, plus rock solid advice you can literally and metaphorically take to the bank.”  Here are a few examples:

Randy Friedberg: I always slip a few of Bart’s Quips into my briefs and legal writings.  It keeps the legal papers from becoming so deadly dull.

Bart: Why thank you Randy.  It’s good to know that my quips are ending up in someone’s briefs.  (from IP – Protecting Your Brain Children episode)

                                                (might be a good idea to make these (from…) working links)


We have been networking all our lives.  Then somebody put a name on it and people get all jittery and say, “I have no idea how to do that.”

(from The Energized Employee episode)


Bart is chatting with international perfumer Mr. Sevi Adat,

Bart: Sevi, You are the man with the nose of renown. We’ve got a $40+ billion industry in perfumes with 85 percent of American women using them and even, some surveys say, 60 percent of men slapping on some fragrance.  What is it in us that keeps us slathering these 12,000 commercial perfume varieties all over our beautiful bodies?

Sevi:  In short, desire and memory.  When we create a new scent, we start verbally – describing a feeling that people want desperately to remember…..

(from The Elegant Mysteries of Creating Perfume$ episode)


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…And as the third utensil in today’s feast of wisdom, we sumptuously spoon to you the answer to last week’s Business Quotation.  That is – The name of the author who noted:

          He who wishes to be rich in a day will be hanged in a year. 

Was none other than the unique renaissance inventor – artist and greatest mind of his age – Leonardo Da Vinci.

Congratulations to all you winners who wrote in to with the correct answer…. Your knowledge has earned you a mind-bolstering gift freshly disemboweled from the dungeons of BartsBooks Bookstore.

(from Impossible People – Nixing ‘em & Fixing ‘em episode)


CFO Mike Mardy: …so that’s how CEO of McDonald’s largest meat supplying firm turned a $1 million tech investment into $200 million in six months, and was left with only $100,000 the next six.

Bart: He sould have known better than anyone that bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered.

Mike: What he should have done is listen to his CFO.

(The full tale is told on episode)


Bart: Karen, in addition to your being the mysterious GPS lady with the lilting Australian drawl telling us all to ‘Recalculate,’ I understand you have a new holiday album out called Destination Christmas….If you would sing me “Santa Baby” from that album, I would give you two of my best bottles of Code du Rhone.

Karen Jacobsen: Oh, I love good wine, Here you go, baby……

(To hear Karen Jacobsen’s hilariously seductive rendition visit The Most Obeyed Voice in  Media episode.)


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Bart winds up the show:

…And, as a parting shot, In the words of my wife’s husband:

If every now and then you don’t lean back and giggle

at the insanity of your daily routine, you’re probably

working too hard and thinking too little.

(from The Triumph of Nonviolent Peacemakers episode)