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Prometheus Awards

The good that people do must not die with them, nor should it languish unnoticed – it is too precious a commodity.  – Bart Jackson


Come Join Us at the

Prometheus Social Enterprise Awards

Recognizing those founders of inventive enterprises that are transforming the world.

Thursday, September 19 @ 4 p.m., we invite you to the Hennessy Mansion, Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Madison Campus

4 p.m. – Torchbearer Talks.

Each Award Honoree will offer a talk detailing their vision and enterprise. A reception will follow. Public and press are invited. Cost is free.  Talks will be videoed and made available.

6 p.m. The Awards Reception, Dinner, and Ceremony

This is your chance to dine with, personally connect, and interview these highest achieving benefactors from across the globe and the corporate leaders whose firms support them. Registration is required for Reception, Dinner and Awards Ceremony.

Cost is $75 per person.  To register contact info@BartsBooks.com.

Honorees are Jacque Howard, Alfred R. Berkeley, Ramona Braganza, Mel Duncan, William Golden, Sheldon Himelfarb, Lisa Orloff and Rob Woods.

The Prometheus Awards are created by Prometheus Publishing’s CEO Bart Jackson, and his hard-working team in hopes of holding to light new role models for the entrepreneur and celebrate the contributing energies of the human spirit. We welcome aid from all those aligned with this mission. 

To add your support or learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities call: 609-529-1927.

Prometheus was the Greek Titan who defied the gods and brought to humankind the gift of fire.  From that light onward, there was no going back. 

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