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Bart’s Better Business Resolutions for 2019

What would you really like to have happen in your business…life… career in 2019?  And more importantly, what changes do you need to make – what seeds do you need to plant now to bear fruit in the upcoming year?  Host Bart Jackson helps you reflect back and cast your eyes forward with a series of New Years Resolutions that you may joyfully keep, and are guaranteed to deliver fun and profit within the next 365 days. What do you think?  Would this be a good time to discover new llies…take your values and sense of humor to work…master your time and conquer one old nemesis?  Tune in and take some practical tactics for achieving that better you – which, after all, is your best and most marvelous asset.  Listen in:  https://www.theartoftheceo.com/

U.S. Worker Safety: Death by Compliance

Thirteen American working people are dying every single day on the job.  And internationally renowned occupational safety expert Phil La Duke is mad as hell about it. Host Bart Jackson unleashes the fireball La Duke who slams the blame squarely on lax and hidebound safety inspections, criminally negligent managers, and a deliberate disregard of working conditions by the business community at large.  In his An Iconoclasts View of Workers’ Safetyand other writings, La Duke shows how concern for workplace safety has become the bleeding stepchild we ignore and place behind a wall of compliance regulations.  But more than pouring out a gravy boat of venom and blame, La Duke lays out the practical steps and attitude adjustments that will halt these nearly 5,000 workplace deaths per year.  Tune in and learn how to cultivate a better conscience, and profitably free up your workplace from fear.    https://www.theartoftheceo.com/


Accomplished Professionals Breakfast Gathered on Thursday Morning

Accomplished Professionals Breakfast members gathered on Thursday morn at Manhattan’s Time Square Tower in the offices of White and Williams to swap , forge new connections, and discover new solutions. In a convivial atmosphere, experienced leaders tuned over new angles on a host of topics including recent retail spikes, foiling cyber theft systems, peacekeepers in Sudan, exceptionally effective incentive systems and more. The AFB is an invitational group founded by Prometheus CEO Bart Jackson, White and Williams partner Randy Friedberg, and global C-suite recruiter Sharon Mahn. Who says taking your business to the next level can’t be fun?