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A Thought for Giving Tuesday

“Would you like this wrapped as a gift?”

“No, I’d like it wrapped as an obligation.”

What if we all gave only in ways that made us happy?  No hair-shirt, sacrificial giving performed in pain that makes the deed even more “noble.”  No cautious, statistical gift with well-weighed outcomes.  And no gifts because Dad, Christ, or Culture commands.  What if our non-deductible giving exuberantly gushed forth from that divinely-planted seed within, and we did it just because of the anticipated thrill of the feeling that comes with the gift – like the second and third lick of an ice cream cone?

Doubtless, a legion of stern and ledgerly saints (reveling in their own disapproval) would get very upset.  But I’ll bet the entire total of my 1040-schedule A that the good Lord’s globe would fill with a lot more smiles – and just maybe a lot more giving.  And I’ll bet He’d like it.  What about you?

Wishing You Every Success,

– Bart Jackson